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Business Activity

Due to the nature of the company, FamiGeste’s business activity consists of the accompaniment, often with executive responsibilities, of the companies in which it invests.

In more practical terms, we view our main duty to be the provision of help and assistance in the strategic planning and management control of the companies in which we are shareholders.

In its capacity as a holding company, all business is important to FamiGeste. We do not have a core business, per se, since it is our understanding that such a concept should not apply for a holding company. Seen from a different and opposite perspective, all businesses should be core.

FamiGeste considers a company or a business opportunity a good investment if there exists the prospect of sustained profitability that will lead to economic growth i.e. the creation of worth. Understandably, relevant factors also include the controlling of risk and a professional, competent and experienced management.

Finantial Information

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