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FamiGeste’s shareholders reflect the Company’s strategic aims. In essence, these shareholders are a group of investors that wish to be involved in the private equity investment under an advisable diversification of risk and with professional and systematic monitorization and accountability.

Included in the above identified investor profile are:

  • Teresa Vaz Antunes, a manager with operational responsability at iMatch as chief empowerment officer;
  • Carlos Salazar de Sousa Vaz Antunes, a manager linked to the real estate and the F&B sectors;
  • João Vaz Antunes, a manager and a financial analyst at Saraiva + Associados;
  • João de Freitas e Costa, a lawyer and partner of Pares Advogados, Sociedade de Advogados, specializing in commercial law and the financial sector in particular;
  • Gonçalo de Avillez Pereira, a manager linked to the industrial sector, albeit equally interested in the financial sector;
  • Inheritance of Maria João Vieira da Cruz;
  • Duarte Correia de Sá, an economist whose professional career has been in the upper echelons of the Finantia Bank group and whose present responsibilities are in the international business;
  • Fernando Castro Solla, a manager with important responsibilities in the capital market sector of the Haitong Investment Bank, particularly in asset management;

Parups SA is a company, incorporated under Portuguese law in October 2010, registered under the number 509519075, with € 50.000,00 of owner´s equity , which ownership belongs, now and in full, to the Portuguese Republic.

FamiGeste is still controlled by Carlos de Sottomayor Vaz Antunes, president of the Board of Directors and owner of a majority stake of the Company’s capital.

List of Shareholders

shareholder # shares % capital
Carlos de Sottomayor Vaz Antunes 1.589.614 63,59%
Parups SA 250.000 10,00%
Teresa do Carmo Salazar de Sousa Vaz Antunes 125.000 5,00%
Carlos do Carmo Salazar de Sousa Vaz Antunes 125.000 5,00%
João do Carmo Salazar de Sousa Vaz Antunes 125.000 5,00%
João Manuel Pereira de Lima de Freitas e Costa 51.111 2,05%
Gonçalo José Sousa Ornellas de Avillez Pereira 32.053 1,28%
Inheritance of Maria João Vieira da Cruz 26.111 1,04%
Duarte José Fiuza de Menezes Correia de Sá 26.111 1,04%
Fernando Rêgo de Castro e Solla Moniz 25.000 1,00%
Own Shares 125.000 5,00%
total 2.500.000 100%


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